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Our Mission

The Coding Foundation aims to bring free, effective and encouraging CS education for all students. To do so, The Coding Foundation offers free mentoring to foster a love in coding technology for kids!

Who Are We?

TCF is a nonprofit organization that empowers students from all backgrounds with ambitions in coding. Our mission is to bring FREE, effective & encouraging CS mentoring to the next generation of innovators!

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Why Us?

The Coding Foundation aims to bring free, effective and encouraging CS education for all students in different backgrounds. To do so, The Coding Foundation offers free mentoring to foster a love in coding technology for kids.

Build the future

In addition, we also offer free resources for students to explore the field of STEM and get a head start on their ambitions. Through fun and engaging activities, The Coding Foundation ensures that students become inspired to work with technology in the future.


What do we offer?

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Our workshops cultivate an interest for coding for students through comprehensive and interactive activities. It is an opportunity that you don't want to miss!

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Our services only provide the best tutors that will guide you to fulfill all your programming inquires. Get started with coding, the right way with our mentors.

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By joining TCF, you'll have access to resources such as one on one tutoring, free workshops in Python, Java, HTML/CSS, and more. You'll also have the opportunity to join our team to contribute to our mission.

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Hear what our students and mentors have to say!

  • Julia Wrona

    Director of Marketing

  • “I admire the organization's will to educate students about coding, and that's why I joined! Learning how to code opens up many pathways in careers, and coding is starting to become a popular subject. I'm excited to empower students through coding and educating others!”

  • Sherlyn Saavedra

    TCF Student

  • “As a student of The Coding Foundation it has been a wonderful experience learning about various different languages in code. The instructors are absolutely incredible and are always there to help answer our questions. I would definitely recommend you to check them out since it’s amazing for any level coders who want to just experiment or are truly passionate. Thank you !”

  • Erika Chiu

    Operations and HR Intern

  • “My experience at The Coding Foundation has been great! The community is very welcoming and the people are very helpful. I’ve learned so much since I first started at TCF, and I’ve been able to make new connections with people that are on the same teams as me, as well as those that aren’t!”

  • Vivian Song

    Chief Operating Officer

  • “Vivian is a rising senior from Ontario who is passionate about computer science and financial literacy. She has worked with several non-profit organizations including Youth Insights and The Teen Trillionaire in the efforts of improving the accessibility of youth opportunities. In her free time she enjoys watching true crime documentaries, reading and programming.”

  • Sankalp Khira

    Director of Public Relations

  • “Really happy to be working for the Coding Foundation, Its a great community filled with lots of love and devoted people ”

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